Volume 4. Issue 2, Spring 2011

Countering the “New Jerusalem”

Philosophical Jewish Positions for an End to the Israeli Occupation
Sarah L. MacMillen

Jewish philosophers Gillian Rose and Hannah Arendt believed that the phenomenon of an ethnic state was a contradiction to any society claiming to be a democracy and that Israel in particular was he

"Traces of Humanity" in Indo-Pak History

Tridivesh Singh Maini

History of the South Asian Subcontinent is largely the history of a traumatic partition.

Honoring Contracts as a Foundation of Peace

A Shi‘ah Articulation
Mohammad S. Homayounvash
S. Amir Mirtaheri

The Privilege Problematic in International Nonviolent Accompaniment’s Early Decades

Peace Brigades International Confronts the Use of Racism
Patrick G. Coy

Peace Brigades International is a human rights and nonviolent peacekeeping organization founded in 1981 by Gandhians and Quakers long active in international peace efforts.

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